Using the Booklet

Overview of the booklet

The booklet has four main blocks, each of which has separate sections:

Introduction and prompt questions

  • This provides an introduction to the topic and describes who the booklet is and is not intended for.
  • The two prompt questions (in orange) provide a reminder to you to ask these questions and also help prompt parents to bring up their concerns and expectations in future consultations.

Symptom / condition specific advice

  • These nine sections contain specific advice on a variety of symptoms / conditions. These range from cough, earache and sore throat, to fever and febrile seizures.
  • Use these sections to provide parents with information about the symptoms they are most concerned about.

Management / self care sections

  • These sections are on pages 6 and 7 and include ‘What can I do?’, ‘Why not take antibiotics?’, and ‘When should I seek further help?
  • We would like you to refer to these sections each time you use the booklet.

Contacts / summary

  • The final page contains a section for contact details and a summary.
  • We would like you to write your contact details in this section, although this could be done prior to the consultation (you could ask a member of staff to write it on all of them).