Using the Booklet


This section of the training will go through the seven tasks that we would like you to achieve. The tasks are:
  • History and examination
  • Introduce the booklet
  • Addressing concerns
  • Discussing natural history
  • Exploring expectations
  • Discussing self help
  • Triggers to re-consult
Some of the tasks are quite basic and will be things that you are already doing. Others are likely to be things that you do not usually do. Most of the tasks involve (or are prompted by) use of the booklet.

We have called these 'tasks' because it is not essential that they be carried out in the order in which they are presented. 'Addressing concerns' for example, is presented after 'History and exam', as we wanted to demonstrate how you can use the booklet to remind you to ask about the parent's main concerns. However, many clinicians will want to ask about the parent's concerns while taking the history, and before the examination.

There is no one right way to conduct these consultations. Different clinicians will have different styles, and we are not trying to suggest that the videos are demonstrating the 'right' or the 'best' way of achieving each task. For some of the tasks we present a few suggested 'lines'. Ways of saying things that some have found helpful. Again, it is up to you how you address each of the tasks, and you may like to try out different approaches, or 'lines', and see which feels most comfortable. What we do ask, is that in each of these consultations, you attempt to achieve each of the seven tasks.