Using the Booklet

Task 7. Triggers to re-consult

  • Although most RTIs in children are benign, self-limiting illnesses, the ‘art’ for the GP is in recognising those children who are developing signs of a more serious illness.
  • Similarly, parents worry about whether their child might be developing a serious illness, and often re-consult because of fears that something more serious is developing.
  • In order to help parents manage their child’s illness with more confidence, and to ensure that parents are consulting appropriately and seriously ill children are not being missed, it is important that parents understand what they should be looking out for, and when they should re-consult.
  • We have developed a section of the booklet that describes concerning features and gives parents advice on when to re-consult. In addition, there are pictures of a ‘septicaemic rash’ and the ‘glass test’. The advice in this section is based upon the latest literature and has been reviewed by groups of GPs and two consultant paediatricians. Click here to view this section now.
  • Please make sure that you at least direct the parents to this section, and if possible that you briefly go through it with them. It is important to give this information in a balanced way, highlighting the fact that these serious illnesses are rare, so as not to scare the parent.
  • This final video clip shows the clinician highlighting this section. It also shows her personalising the booklet by writing the child’s name on the front and contact numbers on the back.